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Contemporary uses of the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen

Alden Biesen is more than just a historical site. The Landcommanderij in Belgian Limburg hosts conferences, seminars and many big events on different subjects: flowers, music and Scottish culture, agriculture and even on Saint Nicholas. People who prefer telling, art and culture or nature lovers or cyclists can visit the International Storytelling Festival, the exhibitions (temporary and permanent) or take a walk or bike ride in the area.
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Thematic Galleries

Multimedia materials

International Storytelling Festival

Multilingual International Storytelling Festival at the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen (Bilzen-Belgium): 9 days, 8 languages (native speakers; Dutch, French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish)
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Verhalen in het Park (Stories in the Park)

Every year in autumn Alden Biesen hosts Stories in the Park, a storytelling afternoon and evening. During the afternoon children between 4 and 11 years are offered a customized storytelling program. Professional storytellers accompany them on a journey through the park. In the evening adults are welcome to experience stories in the Park of the Landcommanderij.
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Alden Biesen is a wonderful location for lots of exhibitions.
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Bloed -
Schatten op Zolder (Treasures in the Attic) -

Scottish weekend

The second weekend of September the visitor can taste and feel Scotland in Alden Biesen: piper bands en competitions, Scottish dance, Highland Games, herding, whisky, gastronomy, all topped with genuine Scottish music.
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Music events

Alden Biesen organizes several music events on the castle’s domain: a Festival of Ancient Music in collaboration with Musica AlbaNova, concerts on the historic Van Peteghem organ (1788) together with Organum, the yearly Summer Opera that takes place outside, under the umbrellas of the court of honor.
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Bach Academy -
Alba Nova -
Alba Nova -
Organum -

Summer Opera

Every year in May and June the court of honor of the castle is turned into an opera scene where professional young singers and musicians interpret famous operas.
Watch the videos at: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Don Giovanni (2014) -
Giuseppe Verdi – Rigoletto (2013) -


Thousands of flowers are processed in creations at the highest level. Flower art lovers and florists from all over the world come together in Alden Biesen to turn Fleuramour into a unique experience.
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Elran Arabian Cup

The Elran Arabian Cup, better known as Arabian Horse Show, is one of the most important horse shows, where some 100 Arabian thoroughbred horses from twenty countries are presented to the public.
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St. Nicholas

Along the dreamy drove of Alden Biesen Saint Nicholas moves into his one and only Saint’s Palace.
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