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who lived in the castle and walked in this magnificent building?

John Hunyadi

John Hunyadi, known as the white knight of Hungary, was probably born in 1407 by a noble family of Wallachian ancestry. He was a leading commander against the Turks in the 15th century. The King Sigismund transferred possessions of Hunyad Castle to Woyk, father of John, ant this royal donation elevated the Hunyadi family to the top ranks of Hungarian nobility. John followed the normal career of his class and became a knight at the royal court. He studied the military art of Italy and the techniques of warfare developed by the Hussite insurgents in Bohemia. In 1446 he was elected governor of Hungary during the minority of the young king Ladislas Posthumus. He transformed the Hunyad Fortress in a castle and residence. This stage of construction ended before 1446.

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Matthias Corvinus

Matthias Corvinus was born in 1443 in Transylvania and was the second son of John Hunyadi. After the death of his father and elder brother, he became heir to a vast landed property. After the death of King Ladislas Posthumus of Austria, in 1458 the Holy Roman emperor Fredrick III elected him king of Hungary. He tried to reconstruct the Hungarian state after decades of feudal anarchy through financial, military, judiciary and administrative reforms. This attempts stabilized his own authority. He maintained diplomatic relations with the papacy, with Venice, Naples, other Italian and European states. He possessed high personal qualities and he had interest in Italian art and humanistic culture. He built the logia of the Hunyad castle.

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Gabriel Bethlen

He was a Calvinist prince of Transylvania and briefly titular king of Hungary (1620-1621), in opposition to the Catholic emperor Ferdinand II. He was born into a leading Protestant Hungarian family and studied at the court of Prince Sigismund Bàthory of Transylvania. After some vicissitudes, he took refuge with the Turks and the Ottoman sultan Ahmed I proclaimed him prince of Transylvania. He promoted the arts and sciences in Transylvania and founded the Academy of Weissemburg. For a long time he led an anti-Hasburg insurrections in Royal Hungary. He modified some parts of the Corvin castle according to the spirit of the 17th century as required the civil and military needs and he completely changed the interior aspect of the Chapel.

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