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Villa Rufolo

Piazza Duomo
84010, Ravello (Salerno) – Italia


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If you choose the Villa Rufolo in the Amalfi Coast, you will enter in a magic land full of colors and fragrances, you will meet noblemen, writers, musicians and you will become part of a millenary story. You will meet ordinary and extraordinary people: Landolfo in the novella by Giovanni Boccaccio, Francis Nevile Reid who was the owner of the villa in the 19 century, Richard Wagner who finalized here the Parsifal, M.C. Escher while walking in the gardens.

Villa Rufolo in Ravello (Italy)

a magic place seaward in the Amalfi coast

Villa Rufolo was built in the 13th century by the noble family Rufolo in the Amalfi Coast, became a Unesco site since 1997.

It was restored in the 19th century by Sir Francis Nevile Reid, member of a wealthy Scottish family, while the wonderful garden was enriched by different rare vegetable species.

Today the villa is a mixture of different architectural styles: medieval, Moorish, Norman, modern and 19th century. It belongs to the “Fondazione Ravello” and hosts cultural associations, temporary exhibitions, chamber music concerts, etc.

The history of the villa can give inspiration to create many different artworks and tales.
Across centuries important characters lived or stayed in the villa and Ravello: they were writers as Boccaccio or painters as Escher, musicians as Wagner or politicians as kings and presidents.

The various shapes of the villa with its towers and dark ways hide many curiosities to explore while the garden full of smells and colors helps to imagine secret past events here happened.

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