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Choose a building and create your story around the past. Start to read who built it, discover the biographies of the characters who lived there, explore mysterious rooms and secret gardens and write you real or imaginative story.

Creative Writing Competition - Create your tale!

choose a building and build a plot

Trip back in time, visit virtually the buildings, read something about characters and their lives, choose the elements of your story and plan your storyboard.

You can imagine fantastic or realistic sceneries… the important is that you create a new story around the building.

Use your imagination and words in a creative way to give new life to the Past!
Be inspired by the stories of ancient buildings and create your work.

Enter and choose one of the buildings... for each of them history, description, documents, photos are available in the website, you can use them freely to create your own work.

Have a look and start now...

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Artists' Tales

Here you can have a look at participants and their works. You can connect with them, read about their past experiences, learn more about their creative process and post your comments.

Jury of the Creative Writing Competition

Enter and read more about the independent jury of experts who will select the winning tales. They are recognized professionals in the field of creative writing and storytelling and they aim at finding the very best tales to enhance the European historic buildings.

Terms & Conditions for Creative Writing Competition

You can participate with one or more stories and you can submit everything you create with your own imagination. Here you find the rules of the contest and the prizes. Read them with accuracy before submitting your work. Start to write now...