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Villa Rufolo

My presentation "Villa Rufolo" is an interactive map which is based on the author's original ink drawings with digital processing.

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It's an unfinished comics about the old story of the castle.

The protagonists are two great man that met each other in this place: Matthias and Vlad.
The story is told by a boy of the 16th century as a sort of ancient legend.

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Corvin's Castle History
Varvara Muntyan

I've made few elements of Corvin castle's history to use them in the next stage of the competition to make a short video about the castle, that can be used for for advertising or for presentations, for example.

Also all these elements can be used to make different printing products for tourists (maps, booklets, souvenirs and etc) and for internet advertising banners, at will.

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The raven, ring, and the arrow
Corey Adam Selman

There was  a legend that Corvinus was the bastard son of the Hunyadi. Hunyadi gave Corvinus a golden ring that he always carried with him. One day Corvinus's ring was snatched by a raven and Corvinus shot the raven down with his bow.

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Dreamy night
Olivia Newsome

An encapsulation of the Muzeul Castelul Corvinilor in my interpretation to show off its beauty and its statement and dominance in the landscape. 

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Legends of the Past
Constant Observer

Being incredibly inspired by the legend assosiated with the Corvin castle I've applied the method I'm usually using when creating my personal art: triggering a process of translocation and violent leaps in time and space, I try to revise (and let the viewers do that as well) the meaning of object that used to be so familiar a while ago.

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Adela Muntean


By re-creating the famous medieval Danse Macabre using the personalities that are related with the Corvin Castle (Charles I of Hungary, Voyk, Sigismund, king of Hungary, John Hunyadi, Elisabeta Szilagy, Mattia, Carol Robert De Anjou, Emericus Thokoly, Gabriel Bethlen, Appafy Michael, Vlad the Impaler, knights prisoners, hostagees, labourers) we bring into the present the most important concept that defined the medieval period: the apparent class distinction is completely neutralized by Death as the ultimate equalizer.

In the Corvin Castle is inevitable to avoid the theme/subject of Death: each character has its own story regarding his mortality or bringing the final sentence to the other: tortured or sentenced to death, killed or left to die, each part of the medieval castle has a legend to tell.

Finally, the spirtits of the Corvin Castle are finding their release by dancing together. There is no other superior to the other; they are all unified in death through a final dance.

The final work will consist of an application which runs online and also offline providing information about the medieval Dance of Death, the medieval music instruments, music and dances and could be useful also for the tourists who are visiting the castle or the Medieval festival held at location.

The finished version of the proposed video work will be of course integrated in the application.

"Who was the fool, who the wise [man],
who the beggar or the Emperor?
Whether rich or poor,
[all are] equal in death."

Dance of Death, also called Danse Macabre (from the French language), is an artistic genre of late-medieval allegory on the universality of death: no matter one's station in life, the Dance of Death unites all.

The Danse Macabre consists of the dead or personified Death summoning representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave, typically with a pope, emperor, king, child, and labourer.

Animated human skeletons have been used as a personification of death in Western culture since the Middle Ages. The dance-with-death allegory was originally a didactic dialogue poem to remind people of the inevitability of death and to advise them strongly to be prepared at all times for death (see memento mori and Ars moriendi).

Short verse dialogues between Death and each of its victims, which could have been performed as plays.

A danse macabre painting may show a round dance headed by Death or a chain of alternating dead and live dancers.

From the highest ranks of the mediaeval hierarchy (usually pope and emperor) descending to its lowest (beggar, peasant, and child), each mortal's hand is taken by a skeleton or an extremely decayed body.

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New spring of Villa Rufolo
Swipe Story Team

The Swipe Story Team proudly presents the fascinating story of Villa Rufolo by an app called "New Spring of Villa Rufolo", with many curiosities and secrets hidden among ancient buildings, marvellous gardens and breathtaking panoramas.

Discover the people who lived here or visited the Villa during more than ten centuries and meet Sir Francis Nevile Reid and his expert gardener.

With just few simple gestures you can begin the tour of Villa Rufolo discovering its ancient architectures as towers, the 18th century cloister, the romantic 19th century gardens and the belvedere.

"New Spring of Villa Rufolo" has been created with the SWIPE STORY storytelling format.

A SWIPE STORY is a digital tale that, using a simple and immediate language based on draws, images, words, games, sounds, videos and emotions drives the user to a new, vivid and stimulating path of knowledge.

"New Spring of Villa Rufolo" is based on an innovative storytelling concept that:
    •    Accepts and initiates the user to a new path of knowledge;
    •    Turns the path of knowledge into a vivid and challenging experience, letting the user interact with the elements that surround him and increasing the emotional involvement;
    •    Enhances the visit experiences favouring the consolidation of knowledge with insights and educational activities.

Producing "New Spring of Villa Rufolo" has been meaning building a main tale around a plot and develop it through a succession of events, spread into a series of frames that compose a sort of ribbon.

Going from one scene to another is simple like swiping a finger on a touchscreen, triggering:
    •    Transitions over time (e.g. seasons)
    •    Transitions through space (e.g. crossing places in spatial continuity)

These different possibilities of transition have supported a wide range of narrative solutions, allowing the SWIPE STORY TEAM to fully express the development of their creative ideas about Villa Rufolo with the most different languages. To enrich the emotional dimension of "New Spring of Villa Rufolo", the transitions between frames are characterized by a parallax effect (Simulated 3D), where different levels of images, moving at different speeds, give depth to the scenes.
In addition to this, the possibility to insert in each frame many points of interest (POI) has allowed the SWIPE STORY TEAM to develop the plot over the story.

Available kinds of POI (Point of Interest) are:
    •    Comics;
    •    Insights (multiple cards flipping on a two dimensions matrix containing text and images);
    •    Curiosity (two-sided card with question/answer or suggestion/solution);
    •    Games.

A promo video has been deployed here:

"New Spring of Villa Rufolo" has been developed using the Swipe Story authoring tool and it is available on:
    •    Google Play
    •    Apple Store

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The Villa Rufolo in mourning
Bianca Lucci

Progetto Grafico DARTS "La villa Rufolo in lutto"

Fondamentalmente il progetto, secondo me, non è nulla di troppo complesso al livello creativo.

-Tanto inchiostro
-Tanti fogli di carta, la grammatura dei fogli (lo spessore) sarà possibilmente pari o superiore a 150 (circa il doppio della grammatura dei fogli da stampante), è necessaria una grammatura cosi alta perchè la carta deve reggere al 100% l'inchiostro
-Supporti in legno/compensato/forex o qualunque materiale solido che sia abbastanza malleabile (regolabile in spessore) da arrivare ad 1cm o poco più di spessore, riproducibile in formato A4 (210x297mm)
-Un grosso pannello in legno, o di altro qualunque materiale scelto da noi che sia grande diversi metri quadrati
-Una foto della villa Rufolo

Una volta presenti tutto il materiale cominceremo con il lavoro.
-La foto della villa sarà riprodotta pezzo per pezzo su molteplici fogli di carta, in pratica, per esempio se sono presenti dieci fogli di carta, ogni foglio sarà 1/10 del disegno finale della villa, dunque, i fogli uniti formeranno la bozza a matita intera della villa (come in un puzzle), questa però è la parte più difficile del progetto nonchè quella iniziale.
(I fogli non saranno uniti nel processo di bozza ma ci sarà naturalmente un controllo per vedere sei fogli uniti formeranno il castello)
-Una volta pronta la bozza a matita si passerà all'inchiostrazione, anche questa parte risulta complicata, dal momento che sarà possibile utilizzare solo il nero puro, l'inchiostrazione avverrà secondo diverse nozioni tecniche che sono alla base del disegno accademico, ad esempio come lo studio di luci ed ombre, fonti di luce, prospettiva, struttura architettonica e proporzione (dal momento che proveremo a riprodurre la villa nel modo più fedele possibile). La parte più rischiosa del progetto, però, riguarderà l'attenzione, infatti bisognerà per esempio calcolare a seconda della luce presente sul castello (e dintorni) quale zona inchiostrare e quale no, rendendo alla fine riconoscibile perfettamente il castello in una visione perfettamente gotica mantenuta dal gioco di contrasti che generano bianco e nero.
-Una volta raccolti i fogli inchiostrati ed asciugati andremo a prendere i supporti solidi in formato A4, cosi da poterci applicare sopra i disegni (in modo da rendere il tutto solido e non"flessibile") con della colla.
Cosi saranno pronti i singoli pezzi del puzzle.
-In fine verrà preso il pannello grande diversi metri quadrati, diviso in 2 metà perfette.
Agli estremi delle 2 metà verranno applicati dei cardini, i cardini permettono infatti la "chiusura a libro" delle 2 metà del supporto in modo da diminuire l'area del pannello.
I fogli rinforzati saranno cosi applicati sul pannello, tuttavia non verranno attaccati tra di loro, ma ogni "pezzo del puzzle" verra posto a circa un centimetro di distanza dal pezzo successivo (da tutti e 4 i lati) in modo da trasmettere un tantino di originalità, in pratica non verrà come su un unico foglio perchè ogni foglio sarà leggermente separato dal prossimo.
Una volta completato tutto sarà comunque possibile chiudere il pannello su se stesso grazie ai cardini.
Tuttavia abbiamo ancora alcuni dubbi, come il materiale, il tipo di inchiostro o la grandezza.

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Giacomo Di Sarno

The final product is a 32,24 seconds commercial, Made up of different framing:

  • 8 made with Time Lapse technique (speeded up) [1]
  • Other, 4 are focused on details [2]
  • Interviews to some Villa visitors [3]

The video ends with the slogan  "Villa the Villa whenever you want"

[1] Time laps recordings perfectly bring on video the dynamism of Villa Rufolo, with its spaces and visitors and specifically its gardens;

[2] Details shooting required a slowing down that is certainly a technical expedient that also has another meaning: people (as shown in time laps part) arrive, pass by and leave, while culture stays, it must stay;

[3] Interviews are needed to show a place that is extremely appreciated and visited, not only by Italian visitors, but also from other countries.

The musical accompaniment chosen (Bach's Prelude n.1 in Cmaj arranged in a jazz key by "Jacques Loussier Trio") perfectly gives the idea of a dynamic and living historical monument.

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Hunedoara Castle
Elena Shutova

This video was created to reveal red-blooded sides of the Romanian history.

The clip made by using modern technology shows a brief description of the most interesting facts about the Corwin Castle.

This will attract tourists to visit the Castle and see those legendary places.

You can download the file here:on Google Drive

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