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  • Programme: Creative Europe
  • Sub-programme: Culture
  • Action: Cooperation projects
  • Sub-action: Category 1 – smaller scale cooperation projects
  • Project code: 2014-3436

DARTS - the project

Digital Art and Storytelling for Heritage Audience Development

In Europe many historical complexes are containers full of stories to tell and characters to discover.
The goal of the DARTS project is to collect these stories about places and characters and tell them in innovative and creative ways.

All the partners of the DARTS project are located in beautiful historic buildings and so the idea came up to enhance these places by using digital art and creative writing. We will try to realize this aim through organizing two international contests: one for digital artists and the other for writers.

Inspired by the true history and characters of some extraordinary historical places (in Italy, Belgium and Romania) the young competitors will have to invent new creative stories and tell them through both digital tools and traditional creative writing. Creative artists and writers will have access to digital materials in order to learn more about the historical sites and create their works. They will have the opportunity to use the DARTS website in an interactive way by sharing their posts and ideas and creating new contents.

The awards ceremony of the contests will take place during two existing international festivals: the Ravello Musical Festival in Italy ( and the Storytelling Festival in Belgium (, and one in Romania created on purpose.
Michel Reilhac, transmedial producer, will be the artistic director of the project and help us to produce a short movie with the best works of the contests. The movie will be projected on the walls of the historical places during the festivals. The tales will be published in their original language, translated in English and presented on the occasion of the international storytelling festival in Alden Biesen.

Many characters, many stories, new media. All to discover and spread.

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All the partners of the project come from Italy, Belgium and Romania. In this page you can discover a brief description of the institutions and people involved.


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